FCBTrans sofware provides possibility to transfer binary or text files via Oracle software stack only, i.e. SQL*Plus utility and Oracle database. It could be useful if you need to provide to the customers launch of Oracle impdp utility, for example, but you don’t want to set up customer access to the database host via ssh, scp, ftp or stuff like that.

How it works

File to upload is encoded to the base64 format. Encoded file is splitted on 32K chunks. Every chunk is pasted into anonymous PL/SQL block. SQL*Plus starts, connects to the database and executes anonymous PL/SQL block. Anonymous PL/SQL block calls server PL/SQL stored procedure and passes chunk. Stored procedure write chunk to the output file in append mode via UTL_FILE package. Output file is placed at the directory previously chosen from DBA_DIRECTORIES view. Output file is decoded from base64 format.

Operating system support

All major Unixes, i.e. Linux, SUN/Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX. Most probably software works on HP-UX, but it wasn’t tested.

Database support

Oracle 11g, 12c, 18c ,19c. Express, Standard or Enterprise editions. On-premises or cloud based.


What’s new

  • May 27, 2019 1.2.61 version released.


  • version: 1.2.61, size: 1.1 Mbytes, md5: 3ef8d9e125b7bb8ac2878dcae674f2ab